Tag Channel is a linear TV channel designed to be the new cornerstone of Docler Media, a tech, online streaming based company. Distributed on the Dish Network (US Satellite distribution), and on Sonifi (global hotel distribution network).
My role as Creative Director of Docler Media expanded quickly to TAG Executive Producer and Director. I was to to create and oversee all studio creative and content. This included the building of the studio, and the consequent shows of the station. I was challenged with designing a fully functional TV studio, that would create a massive slate of original content daily. With an enthusiastic, if inexperienced team, we outfitted the studio and built 6 sets/stages to produce 8 signature shows, mainly daily with some weekly broadcast.
Against some extraordinary limitations, we created unique shows, cast talent, screenwrote treatments, filmed, edited and finished it all to be broadcast ready. Directing and encouraging my team rewarded us all in results that surpassed expectations for the owner, the CEO and ourselves.