Kurt, AKA “Fuzzy” is known by all as one of the good guys, always generous with advice, a story, and a smile. He knows everyone in the industry, and is loved by everyone. He comes from deep in the action sports / surf market, still passionate about music, tight with friends in bands, and knows all the cool young surf crew from Huntington to Trestles. Surfs most days, riding his bike or taking his surf wagon to the beach. Bombs the hill outside his house on his skateboard, and lives larger than the dream. Fuzzy currently works for Quiksilver, where he’s unofficially the archivist of the brand’s rich heritage. I don’t know that anyone knows more about their history of boardies than he does (maybe Randy Hild and Bob McKnight might?). He works on the creative and sales for Quiksilver Originals, a flagship category of the brand that re-imagines the most iconic boardies of Quik, and distributes them to the best boutiques and stores in the world only, not to every local surf shop. He has a heritage of working with great labels in their eras: Mossimo, Modern Amusement, Ever and V.S.T.R., predominantly in sales, so most everyone that’s ever been on the Action Sports or contemporary trade show circuit over the last 26 years has met him. I met Fuzzy many years ago, when he was working at Modern Amusement, and he was the guy everyone wanted to hang with. The raddest dude, genuine, with a heart of gold. Here’s a little about him and his digs, you’ll get the picture.