Hailing from Down Under, Mark started his career with some of the most iconic surf brands of the 90’s, 
then forged a path through action sports, fashion, denim, tv and creative industries.  

Insatiably creative, always curious, continually telling fresh stories, presenting unique perspectives. 
Understanding the architecture of a brand, from working in house and as a creative studio. Having started in fashion as a designer, his creativity led him to wholistic brand concept, design and strategy.
Creative Direction, Executive Producing, Directing, Communication, Art, Copy, Brand Engineering, Environment, Fashion and Product Design.
A voice for every aspect of the creative process.
Whether surfing Venice, California and further, or exploring the mountains of Oregon, the outdoors are his offline escapes.
Found mostly with a camera in hand, capturing the stories he is creating, or stealing moments to prolong memories. 
Eyes constantly distracted by cool or unique cars (some of them not so cool).

contact: marksurfsbig@mac.com
 instagram: @marksurfsbig