Hailing from Down Under, Mark started his career with some of the most iconic surf brands of the 90’s, 
then forging a path through action sports, fashion and creative industries.  

Insatiably curious, constantly creating fresh ways to tell stories, presenting unique perspectives.
He understands the architecture of a brand, from working in house and as a creative studio,
developing the same for premium brands.  
A voice for every aspect of the creative process, with experience in: 
Creative Direction, Art, Copy, Brand Engineering, Environment, Fashion and Product Design.

He still surfs whenever he can, collects feathers from the beach, and teaches his son the way of the waves,
 whilst ensuring his daughter doesn’t eat sand. His wife Eileen is a great partner in many of his personal projects.
(They founded a small children’s brand, South Corner Kids, based on adventures with their children)
He’s found mostly with a camera in hand, capturing the stories he is creating,
or stealing moments to prolong memories. 
Eyes constantly distracted by cool or unique cars (some of them not so cool).

contact: marksurfsbig@mac.com
 instagram: @marksurfsbig
#marksradcars #stuckinthesouthcorner @southcornerkids